"Some time around 1998 German tourists with snazzy new cars began to appear in my hometown Malmö, which is quite close to Denmark and Germany. From the very first second, I was stunned by the license plates. The letters were so assymetrical, macho and strange.

I photographed all the plates I could spot, scanned them in and started to build Sauerkrauto. Since the numberplates have upper case only, I simply designed my own lower case.

Later on, I learned more about the source and purpose of the typeface, and that it was designed in the late 70s by Professor Karlgeorg Hoefer. It laid about in a drawer for 15 years until 1994, when EU decided to put it on all new German cars." /Martin Lexelius-

Previously released at Chank. Now upgraded as a Pro with Small Caps, extended character set and alternatives and re-released by Fountain.