1. Ruibareu_list

    Rui Abreu

    Rui Abreu is a Portuguese type/graphic designer. He studied Graphic Design at FBAUP (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto), where he graduated in 2003.

  2. Leebasford_list

    Lee Basford

    1973, Birmingham, England, studied graphic design in Birmingham and at Central St Martins, London.

  3. Larsb_list

    Lars Bergquist

    Lars Bergquist, of Timberwolf Type, born in 1936, is a leftover from the age of lead type and letterpress printing. His first avocation was history, which may well explain his love of classical letterforms, historically …

  4. Felix2_list

    Felix Braden

    Born 1974 in Koblenz, German "Since I can remember, drawing and painting have been my passion and from my time in highschool on my goal was to become an illustrator.

  5. Lotta2_list

    Lotta Bruhn

    Born 1970 in Kristianstad, Sweden. Mother of two girls and two boys. Likes to illustrate and to dig around in the garden - the herbal garden will hopefully be finished within the next 20 years. Works as a freelance illus…

  6. Peterbruhn_list

    Peter Bruhn

    I was born in Malmö, Sweden in 1969. Founded Fountain in 1993. MFA&D graduate, 1997. I'm possessed with type, and I love browsing through the second-hand book shops for old typebooks and specimens. I'm the father of two …

  7. Lucasb_list

    Lucas Brusquini

    Born in Sweden in 1976 and a calligraphy and type geek already at the age of 10, Lucas moved on to study graphic communication at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. As a designer and art director he has worked in …

  8. Matthewchiavelli_list

    Matthew Chiavelli

    Name: Matthew Antonio Chiavelli Date of Birth: 1973 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Vision: 20/300 (both eyes) Place of Birth: Maryland, USA First Pet's Name: Ferarri Current Home: New York, NY USA Profession: Web Designer Most…

  9. Stefanclaudius_list

    Stefan Claudius

    He is the President of Cape Arcona, a very small country that can't be found on any map available (which doesn't mean it wouldn't exist!). Together with Thomas Schostok, the King of this 2nd world state, he runs the Cape…

  10. Thomas_crolla

    Thomas Crolla

    Born 1976 in Aachen, Germany. After studying graphic design at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, Netherlands, Thomas started working for several agencies in Germany, primarily specialising in corporate and we…

  11. Jaydavid_list

    Jay David

    STL, MO. USA. XPL "In a way, staring into a computer screen is like staring into an eclipse. It's brilliant and you don't realize the damage until it is too late."

  12. Rubendias_list

    Rúben Dias

    Rúben Dias is obsessed with type in all its forms, materialities and immaterialities. He is an avid collector of type; in his spare time you can find him digging up old shop signs and neon letters, or browsing second-han…

  13. Stefan_list

    Stefan Hattenbach

    Stefan Hattenbach (born 1961) is an espresso-fueled art director and graphic designer specializing in type and logo solutions.

  14. Peterhoffman_list

    Peter Hoffman

    Born 1974 in Koblenz, Germany. Studied graphic design in Trier, Germany and – as a Fulbright scholar – illustration in Savannah, USA. Since 2001, proud owner of Glashaus, a design bureau in Cologne, Germany.

  15. Nina_hons_list

    Nina Hons

    Nina Hons was born in Germany in 1974. She studied communication design at Art Center College of Design. After finishing her education with a bachelor of fine arts with honors she works as a leading design director.

  16. Janssens_list

    Sylvia & Daniel Janssen

    1997 + Daniel (*14.11.1973, Düsseldorf, Germany) finished his apprenticeship as an engraver

  17. Randyjones

    Randy Jones

    Randy Jones is a California based freelance graphic designer and principal of Aquatoad Design. Having learned to draw letters under the guidance of the Ed Benguiat at School of Visual Arts, he now spends much of his time…

  18. Gabor_list

    Gábor Kóthay

    Was born 19th June 1962. Is a multi-disciplinary artist, type designer. Works as a graphic designer and teaches second-form art students. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, and has been designing pro…

  19. Martin_list

    Martin Lexelius

    Born 1970, Gothenburg, Sweden. Core (alias Martin Fredrikson)

  20. Ricardo_santos

    Ricardo Santos

    Born 1976 in Lisbon, Portugal. Studied graphic design at IADE. He started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer but soon he discover a passion for type design. He had the first opportunity to develop custom t…

  21. Guran_list

    Göran Söderström

    Göran Söderström (b. 1974) is a self-taught Swedish type designer and font developer. The typeface that started his obsession with type in 1994 was the initial sketches for his first typeface, Exemplar, but it was not un…

  22. Simon_list

    Simon Schmidt

    Born 1968. Studied graphic design and typography at Parsons School of Design, New York and at Kunstschule Alsterdamm in Hamburg, Germany. After 3 years of working as an art director in advertising he moved on to be a sel…

  23. Dirk_list

    Dirk Uhlenbrock

    born 1964 in Essen/Germany, darling of the primary school teacher, class president for several times , set free from military service, student of communicational design, owner of gut & boese design agency, singer of the …

  24. Rene_list_

    René Verkaart

    His daytime job is as co-founder and graphic designer at Stoere Binken Design, a renowned graphic design studio in Holland. The rest of the time he is a type designer – his real passion. After years of designing custom t…