Felix Braden

Born 1974 in Koblenz, German "Since I can remember, drawing and painting have been my passion and from my time in highschool on my goal was to become an illustrator.

After graduation from highschool I applied for an internship at Gaga Design to get acquainted with the work of a graphic designer. Here I got in touch with the typographer Jens Gehlhaar, whose typefaces (Amoebia, Blindfish, Gagamond,…) became an additional influence on my work. With these new possibilities in mind, I started studying graphic design at the Trier College of Design.

Besides the technical side of my profession, the professors also taught me the importance of being surrounded by inspiring people. Right now I am in the lucky position to work and to live with two good friends, who as well determine my ideals: I am highly interested in graphic design, that pushes the envelope and exhausts the boundaries of any given project. My design is not supposed to merely attract attention but to be experimentally aesthetic." Now with his own company.