Martin Lexelius

Born 1970, Gothenburg, Sweden. Core (alias Martin Fredrikson)

Description of font style:
Martin moves freely within the typeface genres.
Sometimes playful and childishly simple, sometimes systematic and strict.

Mid 80's:
Started painting graffiti and drawing comics.

Mid 90's:
Pursuing a career as an artist and freelance illustrator.
Fascination for typography and type design began to increase rapidly thanks to desktop publishing.
Started his font site by displaying three fonts.
Got in touch with Peter at Fountain (who lived just some blocks away, and who also grew up in Bjärred!).
Under Peter's mentorship Martin developed numerous fonts.

Mid 00's to date:
Some 40 or 50 fonts have seen the light of day.
Most famous fonts are Malmö Sans, Sauerkrauto and Borgstrand.
Martin's dayjob is technical support and training for car sprayers.
No explicit goals other than to continue fontifying whatever comes out of his handwriting; producing funny, classic, peculiar, vibrant fonts.