Sylvia & Daniel Janssen

1997 + Daniel (*14.11.1973, Düsseldorf, Germany) finished his apprenticeship as an engraver

1998 + Sylvia (*20.02.1976, Düsseldorf, Germany) finished her apprenticeship in an advertising agency + Sylvia started to study graphic design at Münster University of Applied Sciences

2000 + Daniel got his ›Master in engraving‹ + Sylvia & Daniel started to study graphic design at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

+ Sylvia & Daniel married + Sylvia did her final diploma + Sylvia & Daniel founded their design studio ›Büro für Gestaltung Janssen

2003 + Daniel also works in the printing and engraving department of the Museum of Work in Hamburg Both like to collect old type specimen books and everything else with interesting type design.