1. Blog_ariatext_thumb

    From Display to Text

    Aria Text is the new text version of the lyric Aria. More sober and rational, Aria Text was designed for books. The decoration mannerisms, extreme contrast, the italics angle, among other attributes of the original disp…

  2. Blog_taca_list

    The perfect squircle

    Taca is a typeface built around a shape that Portuguese designer Rúben Dias calls a “squircle” — neither square nor circle. We usually associate the rounded, convex box with the television screens of the 1960s and Aldo …

  3. Blog_gira_listimg

    Gira says hello!

    Gira Sans is Rui Abreu’s personal take on the grotesque model. Rui looked for inspiration in the early sans serifs of the 19th century; not with the intention to do a revival of Victorian types, but rather in an effort t…

  4. Blog27oct2011_thumb

    The Isle of Capri

    Capri is a new typeface designed by Felix Braden in the tradition of geometric typefaces from the late 20s. The proportions of the letters and the overall impression are modern and contemporary but also retain the crude …

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    Cold and warm

    After more than five years we are finally able to release Nordic Narrow designed by dutch type designer René Verkaart, and welcome him into the line of Fountain designers.

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    Aria – Inspired by inscription

    Aria Pro is a new typeface consisting of only two fonts (something unusual these days with a big heap of super families swarming the market) – Regular & Italic.

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    A rare bird

    A creative collaboration between Göran Söderström (Stockholm) and Peter Bruhn (Malmö), The Satura Suite began with Göran’s concept for a reversed contrast typeface — one in which the horizontal strokes are heavy, rat…

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    The "A Conversation With" Series

    We have just released the first interview , in a series of video portraits made to showcase our type designers, featuring Göran Söderström. In March 2010 we packed our gear, and flew up to a cold Stockholm filled wit…

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    Just more condensed

    After making the Meadow family Göran Söderström felt the need to do a slightly more condensed version of the typeface. A version that saves a little space but has the same character. Character sets are identical, finish …

  10. Blog_sept_09_10_thumb

    From Portugal with love

    This evening we see the release of Rui Abreu's modern slab serif. A project that started almost four years ago. It started as a rigid and geometric design, but during this long period it developed into a more organic and…

  11. Blog_sept_09_thumb

    Heroine Movie Trailer

    A new typeface designed by Göran Söderström – Heroine. Inspired by the typeface Windsor, designed by Eleisha Pechey in 1905. Windsor is the typeface used in the titles of many Woody Allen movies. A modern interpretation …

  12. List_images_meadow

    Sweet Warm Meadow

    Fountain happily presents a new typeface release: Meadow Pro designed by Göran Söderström. Meadow is a warm analog sans typeface for everyday use. With a contemporary fresh expression it's well suited for everything - fr…

  13. Typogra2008a

    Typographic's finest of 2008

    Typographica is back with a new design, and a new concept. From reporting on type in general they're now focused on typeface and type book reviews, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. We feel it's…

  14. Blog_april_16_09_thumb

    Fountain and PSY/OPS in a joint release

    Catacumba Pro - inspired by tomb inscriptions. Fountain and PSY/OPS come together in a special joint release of a new typeface from Portuguese type designer Rui Abreu.

  15. Orbe_tdc_thumb

    Orbe is a TDC 2009 award winner!

    The well renowned Type Directors Club has just announced that our typeface Orbe, designed by Rui Abreu has recieved a TDC2 2009 award. We are thrilled.