A rare bird

A creative collaboration between Göran Söderström (Stockholm) and Peter Bruhn (Malmö), The Satura Suite began with Göran’s concept for a reversed contrast typeface — one in which the horizontal strokes are heavy, rather than the more traditional vertical stress. Sparked by these ideas, Peter responded with his own thoughts. For months, the design bounced back and forth over the Nordic intertubes until the summer of 2010 when the friends met in Malmö to complete the project in person. Type design is most often a solitary undertaking, so perhaps it is this dialogue between the two Swedes that makes Satura so unique.

The Satura Suite can be found at: http://www.fountaintype.com/typefaces/satura-suite

Download PDF: http://www.fountaintype.com/specimens/68/original/FTN_SaturaSuite.pdf