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Commerce through eSellerate

Fountain uses eSellerate.net for the secure payment and download services. Esellerate allows payment in your own currency, so you will know straightaway what something costs. The site also offers extended download periods: for a fee, you can select it when checking out. Esellerate is a company in the United States which means that the prices of Fountain products can fluctuate with exchange rates, depending on where you are.


Esellerate uses state of the art encryption to ensure the safety of your information. You can verify the status of eSellerate's certificates in the shopping cart overview. Fountain does not keep a record of your creditcard information. Fountain does not share the address data with any other company for any reason.

VAT in the EU

Esellerate can process your EU tax ID number if you want to purchase our fonts without VAT. Esellerate will verify the ID number at checkout. Otherwise purchases within the EU are charged with the local VAT.


In order for the purchase process to work correctly you need set your web browser to accept cookies from eSellerate.

Pricing information

The prices listed in our website are for 1 license (three [3] computers and/or devices), unless noted otherwise.

If you want a license for more users you need a Multi-User License. If you are unsure how this works please go to the Licensing Options page for more information.


Esellerate will add the appropriate amount of Value Added Tax (a.k.a. sales tax, value added tax, Mehrwertsteuer, BTW etc) for sales within the European Union. The prices listed in the catalog are without VAT. If you have a corporate VAT ID you can enter this at the eSellerate checkout page to qualify for the 0% VAT fees. How much tax will be added depends on where you live, the eSellerate system will add the local percentage for your country or state if it is necessary. But that does mean the Fountain webshop can only give you a complete overview of all costs during checkout but certainly before payment.

Euro/Dollar/Other currencies

The products in the Fountain shop are listed in Euros. When you go to checkout to pay for the order you can see what the items cost in a range of currencies (also US dollars) and you can select which currency you want to pay in. Currency exchange rates will of course influence the actual amount in different currencies our products cost. Should the Euro/Dollar exchange rate make dramatic changes, Fountain retains the right to adjust prices.

Multi-Users Licenses

The Fountain base license covers the license for three (3) computers and/or devices (CPU's).

If you plan to install the font software on more than three (3) CPU's, the purchase of a Multi-Users license agreement is necessary.

The number of licenses needed per users will be generated automatically in the shopping cart window. Until you reach the point of 200 computers and/or devices. For preview of the amount of license needed press the Question-mark symbol.