In the spirit of the season we offer a 70% discount on OpenType Pro versions when upgrading from our previous legacy (PS1/TrueType) versions. You will be able to upgrade with this fine discount all through the end of 2010.

Have you bought any of our typefaces – now labeled as "Std" fonts (see list to your right) – your are able upgrade with a 90% discount.

Due to logistic reasons these offers is only for customers who has purchased directly from us.

The few typefaces we haven't upgraded yet will be available for an upgrade in a similar fashion when released.

These updates aren't simply a conversion of format. In most typefaces we've done many improvments on the curves of the fonts and added features. Please look at the list on the right for the upgrade discount.

How to upgrade

Please fill out your old order number, your name and any info you can find and send it to us. If everything's OK we'll return with a coupon code. We do this manually so please have patience with us, and the fact that it may take a little while before you receive your coupon.

All fields are required and JavaScript needs to be enabled.