"In Malmö, there's a nice little factory building with a nice little neon sign. I don't know much about that company, other then that they're in the greenhouse business. When I first saw that sign, I took out my notebook and made notes of proportions and put down some quick sketches - and then I rushed home to make my own version (which is a tad bolder).

Borgstrand is retro, strong and selfconfident. It has proven to be very versatile, you can use it for almost anything."

Borgstrand Stencil

Martin was inspired to make a stencil version of his popular Borgstrand after a friend had been playing around with the typeface for a magazine project. One version is a rounded corner, "soft" stencil – similar in flavor to the original typeface. The second "cut-out" version is specifically tuned for stenciling in the real world - since it has been designed to be cut out..."